Brahma Lodge


Affiliations:1962-65Junior football
1991-94Northern Metropolitan
1995In recess
Grounds:1966-Brahma Lodge Oval
Colours:1966-74Black: gold ā€˜Vā€™
1975-85Black & gold vert stripes
1986-94Black: gold sash
1996-97Black: gold lion, red trim
1998-Black: gold sash
SAAFL Premierships:D52012
SAAFL Medallists:D6R2001Wayne Wilson
2003Peter Reynolds

SAAFL Grades/Divisions

1996A4(A5)(10), A4R(A5R)(10)1997D7(5), D7R(6)
1998D7(5), D7R(7)1999D7(2), D7R(8)
2000D6(6), D6R(8)2001D6(8), D6R(6)
2002D6(8), D6R(8)2003D6(2), D6R(8)
2004D5(6), D5R(8)2005D5(8), D5R(10)
2006D5(5), D5R(9)2007D5(9), D5R(10)
2008D6(9), D6R(10)2009D6(2), D6R(4)
2010D5(3), D5R(3), C5(8)2011D5(8), D5R(7), C5(8)
2012D5(1), D5R(4), C4(5)
The club had been in existence for 33 years when in 1994 it won three premierships, only to go into recess in 1995 because of financial difficulties and a dispute with the local council. The club regrouped in 1996 when the Macedonian Orthodox Community took over the lease of the ground. The gold lion insignia worn in 1996 and 1997 when the club joined the S.A.A.F.L. was a symbol of the Macedonian community. The record-holder for games played is Wayne Proctor with 376.

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