Central United


Affiliation: 1962-78 Junior football
1979-90 Central District
1991-94 Northern Metropolitan
1995- S.A.A.F.L.
Ground: 1962- Moffflin Reserve



Blue, Red & white stripes

SAAFL Premierships: D6 2006
A4(A5) 1996
A6NR 1995
SAAFL Medallists: D6 2004 Mark O’Connell
A6N 1995 Hayden J Fowler
U17N 2005 Aaron Frith

SAAFL Grades/Divisions

1995 A6N(2), A6NR(1) 1996 A4(A5)(1), A4R(A5R)(3)
1997 D6(2), D6R(4) 1998 D5(9), D5R(9)
1999 D6(9), D6R(9) 2000 D6(9), D6R(9)
2001 D6(7), D6R(8) 2002 D6(5), D6R(5)
2003 D6(7), D6R(6) 2004 D6(4), D6R(3), D10N(4), U17N(4)
2005 D6(3), D6R(4), D10N(6), U17N(2) 2006 D6(1), D6R(2), D10B(7)
2007 D5(5), D5R(5), C5(8) 2008 D5(10), D5R(10)
2009 D6(9), D6R(9) 2010 D7(2), D7R(4)
2011 D6(5), D6R(6) 2012 D6(7), D6R(6)
The club was established in 1962 as the Central Junior Football Club, then the senior body was formed officially in 1980, the year it was undefeated premier of the C.D.F.A. It also won the premiership in 1982. In 2003 the Central United and Central United Junior clubs merged under the former name fielding junior teams from Under 7 to Under 16 in the CDJFA. The club record holder is John Harley who played 289 games.

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