Affiliations: 1956-58 Gawler & Districts
1959-77 Central District
1978-88 S.A.F.A.
1989-90 Central District
1991-94 Northern Metropolitan
1995- S.A.A.F.L.
Ground: 1956-81 Ridley Road
1982- Argana Park
Colours: 1956- Royal blue: gold eagle
SAAFL Premierships: D6 2005
P3R(A4R) 1996
D6R 2005
SAAFL Medallists: D6 2005 Ben Halliday
D4R 2012 Gary McNamara
D5R 2010 Andrew Tully
U17 1995 Corey W Drewett
U17G 1997 Chris R Packham

SAAFL Grades/Divisions:

1995 A5N(2),A5NR(3), U17(6) 1996 P3(A4)(5), P3R(A4R)(1), A10(3), U17B(4)
1997 D3(9), D3R(8), D10N(4), U17G(3) 1998 D4(9), D4R(7)
1999 D5(5), D5R(3) 2000 D5(6), D5R(3)
2001 D5(5), D5R(6), U17N(2) 2002 D5(5), D5R(6), U17N(5)
2003 D5(10), D5R(10) 2004 D6(8), D6R(10)
2005 D6(1), D6R(1), D10N(7) 2006 D5(3), D5R(5), D8R(8)
2007 D5(6), D5R(2) 2008 D5(7), D5R(3)
2009 D5(7), D5R(5) 2010 D5(2), D5R(2), C5(9)
2011 D4(8), D4R(4), C4(6), U18R(5) 2012 D4(9), D4R(3), C3(3)
The Club was formed in 1956 and known initially as the Bulldogs until the formation of Central Districts in the S.A.N.F.L. when the nickname was changed to the Eagles. Ironically, the people involved in forming Elizabeth, such as Norm Russell and coach Charlie Pyatt, were also involved in the formation of Central Districts. In 1959 the Club joined the C.D.F.A. and stayed until 1958 when the S.A.F.A. was formed. It returned to the C.D.F.A. in 1989 (later renamed Northern Metropolitan) and remained there until the Association folded in 1994, then joined the Amateur League. The record holder for games played is Shane Ecel with 350 games.

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