Ingle Farm


Affiliations:1968-73Central District
1974-77Norwood North
1970-75Golding Oval
1976-Rowe Park
Colours:1968-73Green: white ā€˜Vā€™
1974-98Green & white vert. stripes


Green/white vert stripes, white ā€˜Vā€™, bulldog insignia on chest

SAAFL Premierships:A5/D51994, 2005
SAAFL Medallists:A111993Stephen J McLean
A91996Stephen J McLean
A5R/D5R1990Brenton P Hurst
1992Jeff Plowman
2005Gavin Mesecke
A6R1989Mark Lewis
A8R1994Stephen J McLean

SAAFL Grades/Divisions:

1989A6(1), A6R(2), U17(3)1990A5(4), A5R(4), A11(5), U17(10)
1991A5(5), A5R(2), A8(7), A8R(9)1992A5(7), A5R(3), A8(7), A8R(7)
1993A5(5), A5R(3), A9(6), A11(6)1994A5(1), A5R(2), A8(8), A8R(7)
1995A4(9), A4R(5), A7N(9)1996A3(A5)(3), A3R(A5R)(6), A9(3)
1997D6(6), D6R(2), D10N(2)1998D6(9), D6R(5), D9N(9)
1999D6(8), D6R(5)2000D6(3), D6R(1)
2001D6(3), D6R(2)2002D6(2), D6R(4), D10N(5)
2003D5(8), D5R(4), D9N(8)2004D5(4), D5R(5), D10N(2)
2005D5(1), D5R(5), D9N(6)2006D4(8), D4R(5), D9B(8)
2007D4(10), D4R(10), C4(2)2008D5(8), D5R(8), C5(8)
2009D5(10), D5R(10), C5(8)2010D6(9), D6R(9), C6(5), U18R(7)
2011D6(9), D6R(9), C5(10), U18B(3)2012D6(9), D6R(7)
The Club was founded in 1967 by a few staunch ‘Ingle Farm-ites’ led by Chairman Peter Rau at a meeting in a house behind the Freeway (now Bridgeway) Hotel. With no oval in their first two seasons the players trained where they could using their cars as change-rooms. Committee members Stan Condous and Brian Hills worked hard with the Salisbury Council and the S.A. Housing Trust to establish Golding Oval and a Nissen Hut for a change-room. In 1974 the Club left the CDFA for Norwood North as the CDFA could not accommodate an extra team for the Club. While in Norwood North the Club applied to the Salisbury Council to build a change-room at Golding Oval, but was offered a licensed complex at Rowe Park instead, and so moved there in 1976. The balcony was enclosed in 1984 to give greater interior floor space and to allow more spectators to watch matches from inside. However, the Club was heavily in debt with outstanding commitments going back to 1981, and in 1985 many players left for greener pastures leaving it to a new administration and loyal players and supporters to restructure the finances. This they did with such success that by 1989 the bank balance was healthy again, and so in order to maintain control over expenditure and to compete at an appropriate level, the Club joined the SAAFL. An affiliation with Northern Stereo Radio Station led to the broadcasting of some home games, a half-hour spot on Friday nights, and the staging of Carols By Candlelight on the Oval. The Club has boasted several high-profile coaches including Reg Richards (ex South Adelaide), Barry Bamford, Dennis Sachse, Maurie Francou and Ken Francou (all ex North Adelaide), and Ray Hayes (ex Port and West Adelaide). Magarey Medallists Tony Antrobus played his junior football with the club. John Woodman is the Club record holder with 268 games.

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