Para Hills


Affiliations: 1974-77 Central District
1978-89 S.A.A.F.L.
1990 Central District
1991-93 Northern Metropolitan
1994 S.A.F.A.
1995- S.A.A.F.L.
Ground: 1974-77 Manor Farm Oval
1978- The Paddocks Oval (Bridge Rd, Para Hills)



Red: black & white ‘V’


Red top, B/white vert stripes bottom; kangaroo logo


Red, black & white “V”

SAAFL Premierships: D4 2002
D5 2006
D6 2000
A5R 1980
SAAFL Medallists: D3 2011 Valor Thach
D4 2007 Shane Goodwin
D6 1998 Malcolm J Grossman
1999 Darren M Beer
2000 Darren Turner
D3R 2010 Benjamin Jackman
A5R 1979 Michael Donnellan
A6R 1989 Emmanuel Desira
A3R(A5R) 1996 Adrian Lewis
U18R 2012 Jack O’Neill

SAAFL Grades/Divisions:

1978 A5(7), A5R(2) 1979 A5(3), A5R(2), A8(3), U16(5)
1980 A5(2), A5R(1), A8(6), U16(7) 1981 A4(5), A4R(5), A8(5), U16(5)
1982 A4(9), A4R(5), A8(8), U16(10) 1983 A5(7), A5R(2), A8(10), U16(6)
1984 A5(8), A5R(5), A10(6) 1985 A5(7), A5R(3), A8(10)
1986 A5(10), A5R(2), A9(5) 1987 A6(9), A6R(2), A9(8), U17(10)
1988 A6(5), A6R(6), A9(10), U17(6) 1989 A6(9), A6R(5), A11(10), U17(8)


A5N(5), A5NR(8)


A3(A5)(4), A3R(A5R)(4), U17B(8)

1997 D6(4), D6R(5) 1998 D6(8), D6R(2)
1999 D6(3), D6R(4), U17G(6) 2000 D6(1), D6R(3)
2001 D5(2), D5R(5) 2002 D4(1), D4R(7), D9N(8)
2003 D3(10), D3R(10) 2004 D4(7), D4R(8)
2005 D4(9), D4R(8), U17C(4) 2006 D5(1), D5R(2), D10B(2), U17(7)
2007 D4(2), D4R(2), C4(3) 2008 D3(5), D3R(7), C3(4)
2009 D3(5), D3R(4), C3(6) 2010 D3(8), D3R(7), C3(2)
2011 D3(9), D3R(6), C3(9) 2012 D4(10), D4R(9), U18R(7)
The Club was founded by Para Hills School in 1971 and fielded a team in the North-Torrens Junior Football Association wearing St Kilda-style guernseys. In 1974 senior teams were placed in the Central District Association and a new guernsey designed to avoid a clash with Elizabeth North. The Club joined the SAAFL 4 years later and spent 12 seasons with the amateurs but struggled to compete, and so moved back to Central District before joining Division 3 of the S.A.F.A. in 1992, only to return to the SAAFL in 1995. Recently it has pushed its way up to Division 3 with three Grand Final appearances in successive years.

After winning a Div.3 [A grade] SAFA Premiership in 1992 the Club returned to the SAAFL in 1995 & played in A5N. In 1996 gradings were changed & the Club played in A3 with seasons 1997 – 2000 spent in A6.

In season 2000 the Club won the D6 Premiership & therefore gained promotion to D5 in 2001. Participation in the 2001 Grand Final saw the Club play in D4 in 2002 & take out the Premiership. A bad season in D3 saw relegation to D4 where we stayed for 2 seasons then were relegated again to play in D5 in 2006. The Club earned promotion back to D4 in 2007 by winning the 2006 flag.

Seasons 2008 – 2011 were spent in D3 but due to relegation dropped to D4 in 2012.

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