Para Hills


Affiliations:1974-77Central District
1990Central District
1991-93Northern Metropolitan
Ground:1974-77Manor Farm Oval
1978-The Paddocks Oval (Bridge Rd, Para Hills)



Red: black & white ‘V’


Red top, B/white vert stripes bottom; kangaroo logo


Red, black & white “V”

SAAFL Premierships:D42002
SAAFL Medallists:D32011Valor Thach
D42007Shane Goodwin
D61998Malcolm J Grossman
1999Darren M Beer
2000Darren Turner
D3R2010Benjamin Jackman
A5R1979Michael Donnellan
A6R1989Emmanuel Desira
A3R(A5R)1996Adrian Lewis
U18R2012Jack O’Neill

SAAFL Grades/Divisions:

1978A5(7), A5R(2)1979A5(3), A5R(2), A8(3), U16(5)
1980A5(2), A5R(1), A8(6), U16(7)1981A4(5), A4R(5), A8(5), U16(5)
1982A4(9), A4R(5), A8(8), U16(10)1983A5(7), A5R(2), A8(10), U16(6)
1984A5(8), A5R(5), A10(6)1985A5(7), A5R(3), A8(10)
1986A5(10), A5R(2), A9(5)1987A6(9), A6R(2), A9(8), U17(10)
1988A6(5), A6R(6), A9(10), U17(6)1989A6(9), A6R(5), A11(10), U17(8)


A5N(5), A5NR(8)


A3(A5)(4), A3R(A5R)(4), U17B(8)

1997D6(4), D6R(5)1998D6(8), D6R(2)
1999D6(3), D6R(4), U17G(6)2000D6(1), D6R(3)
2001D5(2), D5R(5)2002D4(1), D4R(7), D9N(8)
2003D3(10), D3R(10)2004D4(7), D4R(8)
2005D4(9), D4R(8), U17C(4)2006D5(1), D5R(2), D10B(2), U17(7)
2007D4(2), D4R(2), C4(3)2008D3(5), D3R(7), C3(4)
2009D3(5), D3R(4), C3(6)2010D3(8), D3R(7), C3(2)
2011D3(9), D3R(6), C3(9)2012D4(10), D4R(9), U18R(7)
The Club was founded by Para Hills School in 1971 and fielded a team in the North-Torrens Junior Football Association wearing St Kilda-style guernseys. In 1974 senior teams were placed in the Central District Association and a new guernsey designed to avoid a clash with Elizabeth North. The Club joined the SAAFL 4 years later and spent 12 seasons with the amateurs but struggled to compete, and so moved back to Central District before joining Division 3 of the S.A.F.A. in 1992, only to return to the SAAFL in 1995. Recently it has pushed its way up to Division 3 with three Grand Final appearances in successive years.

After winning a Div.3 [A grade] SAFA Premiership in 1992 the Club returned to the SAAFL in 1995 & played in A5N. In 1996 gradings were changed & the Club played in A3 with seasons 1997 – 2000 spent in A6.

In season 2000 the Club won the D6 Premiership & therefore gained promotion to D5 in 2001. Participation in the 2001 Grand Final saw the Club play in D4 in 2002 & take out the Premiership. A bad season in D3 saw relegation to D4 where we stayed for 2 seasons then were relegated again to play in D5 in 2006. The Club earned promotion back to D4 in 2007 by winning the 2006 flag.

Seasons 2008 – 2011 were spent in D3 but due to relegation dropped to D4 in 2012.

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