Affiliations:1920YMCA & Suburban
1921-68North Adelaide District
1969-75Central District
1976-77Norwood North
1969-Lindholm Park



Navy blue, red trim


Navy blue, red bib & red, white & blue bull’s head on chest.

SAAFL Premierships:D21997, 2001
D2R1997, 99
SAAFL Medallists:D21997Michael A Carter
D9N1998Timothy Hill
2000Paul Frick
D2R1997Vincent J Cullinan
1999Colin Kirkwood
2000Colin Kirkwood
2001Darrin Wilson
U17G1998Anthony Didak

SAAFL Grades/Divisions:


P2(A2)(5), P2R(A2R)(2), A7(2)


D2(1), D2R(1), D9N(1), U17G(2)

1998D1(9), D1R(8), D9N(8), U17G(1)1999D2(3), D2R(1), D9N(4)
2000D2(4), D2R(3), D9N(8)2001D2(1), D2R(3), D9N(5)
2002D1(8), D1R(4), D9N(3), U17N(8)2003D1(9), D1R(5), D8(6)
2004D2(9), D2R(10)2005D3(3), D3R(6), D10N(5)
2006D3(9), D3R(10)2007D4(4), D4R(7), C4(9)
2008D4(4), D4R(9), C4(8)2009D4(4), D4R(2), C4(4)
2010D4(1), D4R(1), C4(7)2011D3(6), D3R(8), C3(7), U18B(7)
2012D3(10), D3R(7), C2(9)
Pooraka began life as the Abattoirs Football Club and spent most of its early years in the North Adelaide District Association. The senior teams went into recess in the late ‘50s but was revived in 1964 when it played in the A2 Grand Final. It then struggled in A1, but the rapid development of the district led to the name change to Pooraka in 1968 and the development of Lindholm Park once the drought conditions eased and turfing the ground recently acquired by the Council was possible. When the North Adelaide District combined with the East Torrens Association to form Norwood-North in 1969, the Club opted to join the C.D.F.A. and played at A1 level, then joined Norwood-North in 1976, playing in the A2 Grand Final and so earning promotion to A1 under coach Graham Durbridge.

When the S.A.F.A. formed in 1978 Pooraka became an inaugural member, and since that time it has become one of the strongest metropolitan football clubs. It completely dominated S.A.F.A. in the latter years of that association, winning six Division 1 premierships between ’84 and ’94. When S.A.F.A. folded in 1996 the Club joined the S.A.A.F.L in the second division of the Premier League as it was then called, winning the Division 2 premiership in 1997. It found Division 1 tough in 1998 and returned to Division 2, but fought its way back to the top in 2002 after winning the Div. 2 flag in 2001.

Club record-holder is Johannes “Yopie’ Vandermoer with 421 games.

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