Salisbury North


Affiliation: 1954-60 Gawler F.L.
1961-78 Central Districts F.A.
1979-95 S.A.F.A.
1996- S.A.A.F.L.
Ground: 1954- Salisbury North Oval
Colours: 1954- Green and yellow
SAAFL Premierships: A8 1996
C1 2010
U17G 2000
SAAFL Medallists: D2 1999 David McIntyre
D8 2004 Jamie Russo
D9A 2006 Jamie Russo
D9N 2001 Robert Harding
C1 2010 Joseph Hay
D1R 2004 Shane Hailes
U17G 2000 Phillip O’Loughlin
U18-1 2006 Dylan Brooks

SAAFL Grades/Divisions:


P2(3), P2R(4), A8(1), U17B(7)


D2(4), D2R(4), D8N(2), D8NR(5), U17G(9)


D2(6), D2R(5), D9N(5), U17G(10)


D2(2), D2R(3), D9N(7), U17G(3)


D1(7), D1R(7), D9N(3), U17G(1)


D1(9), D1R(8), D9N(2), U17N(6)


D2(2), D2R(8), D9N(2), U17N(6)


D1(8), D1R(8), D8(3), U17N(8)


D1(4), D1R(4), D8(4), U17N(9)


D1(8), D1R(3), D8(9), U17N(7)


D1(7), D1R(8), D9A(8), U18-2(4)


D1(3), D1R(7), C1(7), U18(10)


D1(2), D1R(2), C1(2), U18(3)


D1(7), D1R(6), C1(4), U18R(2)


D1(4), D1R(4), C1(1)


D1(6), D1R(8), C1(4), U18R(8)


D1(5), D1R (8), C1(6)
The Salisbury North Football Club was formed in 1954, by a group of football enthusiasts who had been living in cabin homes in Salisburyand moved into South Australian Housing Trust homes, in Salisbury North, when the area was first opened.

Among those involved were brothers Les and Clarrie Window (Clarrie being the father of Magary Medallist Gary Window who played for our club as a junior) Russell Stopp and Jimmy Banks. These people are all on our Club Mural in the Bistro.

In it’s first season the Club used jumpers provided by the South Adelaide Football Club. One of these jumpers is on display in the Reception area of the Club. Initially in the Gawler Football League, the Club transferred to the Central Districts Football Association in 1961, when that Association was formed. The Club then went on to join the South Australian Football Association in 1979. It fluctuated between the two Associations until S.A.F.A folded in 1995. The Club then joined the South Australian Amateur Football League, which we are still members of.

The original Clubrooms were constructed from wooden packing cases acquired from the General Motors Holden factory. The Club was then replaced by a brick building which underwent several extensions over the years. The Oval was developed with the assistance of prominent businessman and Councillor Ron White who provided equipment to transfer Couch Grass from the Little Para River.

In 1994, thanks to the efforts of the then Secretary / Club Manager Bob Raphael, the Club was granted a Gaming Machine Licence to run 26 Gaming Machines. This proved so successful that in November 1996 a $1,300,000.00 upgrade of the Club was completed.

From a Membership of 380 prior to Poker Machines being installed, membership grew to 6,300 by 1999. Employees went from one (Bob) to 32 employees and a wage bill of $600,000. Membership was predominantly people over 45 years of age and living in Trust homes. The majority of employees are also from the area.

The Club has evolved from a small suburban Football Club to a Sporting and Community Club, which now employs 38 staff. The Club is very professionally run, being very prudent and frugal with its finances. The exception being the monetary assistance given to other organisations that are less fortunate, and to constantly upgrade our facilities, for our members benefit. The Club was named “Club of the Year” in 1997 and the present Licensed Club Manager Jacqueline Raphael, won “Most Professional Club Manager” in 2003.

The Club has always adhered to the policy of “never forgetting where we come from”.

The Hawks Over 50’s Club was formed in 1998 for our mature members, with Line Dancing, Walking, Carpet Bowling and a Keep Fit Class. Many trips are also enjoyed by the over 50’s group.

In 2005 the Club spent $950,000 to upgrade the Anstey Bar and build modern Bingo facilities. Many of the Club’s Life Members and dignataries came from all over Australiato celebrate the Club’s 50th Anniversary and open the “new” Anstey Bar. The Club has won 10 “A” Grade Premierships and numerous lower Grade Premierships and Junior Flags. The Club first fielded junior sides in 1961 and at present have over 260 Junior Footballers.

The following footballers either played their junior football at the Club or played for SNFC prior to being picked up by the SANFL or the AFL:
Gary Window, Spog Wiley, Sammy Donovan, Daryl Hart, Wilbur Wilson, John Spaans, Rene Van Dommelle, Malcolm McGrath, Jamie Thomas, Greg Edwards, Darren Clohessey, Gavin Wanganeen, Troy and Shane Bond, Ricky and Michael O’Loughlin, Joe Hay, Ricky Stoynoff, Brad Robertson, Cory Reichert and Callum Hay.

Richard Robertson has played 503 games, Lloyd Banwell 444 games and Greg Galbraith 408 games.

Micheal Gage has been the head trainer for 27 years.

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