Salisbury West


Affiliations: 1965-69 Central District
1970-77 S.A.A.F.L.
1978-90 Central District
1991-94 Northern Metropolitan
1995 S.A.F.A.
1996- S.A.A.F.L.
Ground: 1965- Salisbury Downs
Colours: 1965-69 Yellow: black ā€˜Vā€™
1970-72 Blue, black & gold hoops
1973-77 Black/gold/blue vert.stripes


Black: top square yellow, blue trim


Black: yellow yoke, blue trim


Yellow yoke trimmed in blue: black bottom with streaks: tiger insignia on chest.

SAAFL Premierships: D4 1997, 99, 06
D4R 2005, 06
A5R 1975
U17B 1996
U18 2008
SAAFL Medallists: D5 2011 Dene Steele
D9N 2002 Jeffrey Tucker
D3R 2000 Waryn Sando
2001 Alex Bryan
2002 Jason Kelly
P3R(A4R) 1996 Nathan T Sidwell
D5R 2011 Mark Rowe
U17N 2002 Shane Beaney
U18Y 2007 Joshua Hand
2008 Dene Steele

SAAFL Grades/Divisions:

1970 A5(4), A5R(7) 1971 A5(6), A5R(7)
1972 A5(6), A5R(3) 1973 A5(4), A5R(5)
1974 A5(8), A5R(2) 1975 A5(4), A5R(1), A8(9)
1976 A5(3), A5R(3), A8(4), U18(7) 1977 A5(9), A5R(2), U18(8)


P3(A4)(7), P3R(A4R)(7), U17B(1)


D4(1), D4R(2), D9N(6)


D3(9), D3R(7), D9N(7)


D4(1), D4R(3), D9N(10), U17G(2)


D3(3), D3R(2), D10N(3), U17G(3)


D3(5), D3R(4), D10N(2), U17N(5)

2002 D3(2), D3R(4), D9N(4), U17N(7) 2003 D2(10), D2R(9), D9N(4), U17N(3)
2004 D3(9), D3R(5), D9N(4) 2005 D4(2), D4R(1), D9N(7)
2006 D4(1), D4R(1), D10A(5) 2007 D3(4), D3R(6), C3(8), U18Y(3)
2008 D3(10), D3R(9), C3(10), U18(1) 2009 D4(5), D4R(5), C2(9)
2010 D4(9), D4R(10) 2011 D5(2), D5R(4), U18(4)
2012 D4(3), D4R(6), C4(8)
Salisbury West has been a member of the Central District/Northern Metropolitan Association since the mid-’60s apart from an 8-year stint with the SAAFL. During its time with the amateurs it strove to win promotion out of A5 but without success. It was a bit unfortunate in 1976 when it came second at the end of the minor round but had to compete with 2 very strong clubs on the way up in Greenacres and West Croydon. On rejoining the Central District Association, the Club meandered along until 1985 when a new committee appointed Kym Golding as captain/coach. From then on the Club played in every finals series with premierships in 1985 and 1987, and 6 Grand Final appearances in 9 seasons. When Northern Metropolitan folded in 1995 it joined the S.A.F.A. only to see that association fold at the end of the 1995 year, so like it or not it was back to the amateurs in division 4 where it won premierships in 1997 and 1999. In 2002 it played in the division 3 Grand Final and so won promotion to division 2.

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